Do you want a prominent brand?

👍 Creating a brand with a unique and distinctive name will be one of the smart strategies to make your brand stand out among thousands of other brands in the market.

👉 Aside from cases where the brand name duplicates or closely resembles another brand that is protected within the same industry (because that brand cannot be successfully registered), any brand should strive to create a truly outstanding brand name in the crowd.

👉 In the statistics table of the initial letters of registered trademarks in the United States in the article, the author advises avoiding trademark registration with the initial letter “S” to minimize the likelihood of duplication. If the brand name starts with “Q” and “X,” it will create the greatest differentiation!

❓So, in Vietnam, what kind of brand name would be unique?

✨ If you’re wondering, IP Group is ready to help you find the answer!

✨ If you already have a recognizable brand and don’t want it to be infringed upon, IP Group will assist you in registering protection!

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