Hau Giang: Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshop

💎 On September 16, 2022, IP Group set foot in the land of Hau Giang to participate in the workshop “Youth and Youth with Entrepreneurship and Innovation” organized by the Department of Science and Technology of Hau Giang province. Mr. Ngo Dac Thuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IP Group, along with speakers connected to the local area, shared insights on innovation and startup projects at the workshop.

💎 The workshop was meaningful, providing the delegates with a wealth of valuable knowledge and information. All of this was encapsulated in a poem titled “Arousing Emotions” by Mr. Ly Van Son, CEO of Ecofam:

“Hau Giang hosts a program

Youth entrepreneurship with strong belief in homeland

Outstanding members from our locality

Now join with various experts

Opening the lecture in harmony

IP Group accompanies the business community

The market has its rules, competition is fierce

Having patents ensures success for sure.

Startup development wants to be fast

Distinctive ideas make success come quickly

The digital age every day

Professor Huy conveys the good deeds immediately.

Technology changes constantly

Experts from all over the place think

What’s in the processing industry?

Chairman Hong Quang of Nuti presents.

The drying machine line is truly great

Solar energy is instantly integrated into the system

Agriculture, forestry, aquaculture,… transferred

Mr. Hiep dries everything, reaching the pinnacle.

A wizard changes colors

Red, orchids, white chrysanthemums,… turn green and pink

Those colors are absorbed from within

Expert Trung Hieu leads them into the flowers.

In the past, clean sand was used for construction

River water, sweet water, silt, and golden sand

Today, salty sand is used

Expert Tan Dung sieves it clean right away

Trung Nghia High School, a talented place

Produces flying ash collection equipment

Compressed hard materials, no complaints for the road.

Scientific and technological transfer workshop

The sweet speeches of the experts are impressive

Innovation and creativity continue

Today’s young people are determined to become entrepreneurs.”

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