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Nowadays, it is easy for us to see food service stores, from restaurants, luxury eateries or sidewalk stalls located deep in alleys. Every time you scroll through social networks, you see at least one post related to extremely attractive food or drinks. With today’s hustle and bustle of life, people’s need to eat out has increased with no signs of slowing down. Almost each of us is a consumer of food and beverage products every day.

So, do you know what that constantly growing profession is called? And how will the industry where each of us is a “loyal customer” develop? Please take some time and learn a little with us.

F&B (Food and Beverage Department) is a phrase that refers to the food and catering service industry. This is one of the business areas with the highest growth rate because the market is expanding and people’s need to eat out is increasing.

Vietnam is a populous country that loves to eat out and is eager to check-in to catch trends and is becoming a large potential market for the F&B industry. The market currently has 540,000 food and beverage outlets, bringing in revenue exceeding 282 million USD.

It is predicted that 2021 will continue to increase. In a context where people have lost consumer confidence because of dirty food, the trend that is predicted to continue to reshape the food consumption market in the coming years will be “ORGANIC” FOOD, also known as “ORGANIC” FOOD, also known as “ORGANIC” FOOD. organic products.

Because, according to statistical data, there is daily information about harmful health risks from dirty foods of unknown origin, “organic” foods are gradually asserting their position in the F&B market. and are chosen and trusted by consumers.

Organic food brings many health benefits to consumers. Although the price is different from conventional food, this is still a potential market and worth exploiting in the future.

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