Bio-products from dried banyan leaves kill bacteria and fungi in fish ponds

Emerging from the 2022 Innovative Start-up Competition organized by Nguyen Tat Thanh University, the biological product made from dried banyan leaves has also been one of the projects highly praised by IP GROUP while participating as a judge in this competition.

This product is used in fish ponds and has the ability to eliminate various bacteria and fungi in water and on the bodies of fish, while being safe for humans due to the violaxanthin compound extracted from selected, cleaned, and sterilized dried banyan leaves. The product has achieved the expected effectiveness during real-life tests in fish ponds, both on a small and large scale.

However, to bring it into commercial production on a larger scale and to establish intellectual property rights for this product, there may still be a long journey ahead. Among the challenges, the first issue to address is to find a source of raw materials that ensures quality and an adequate supply for large-scale production. Furthermore, in the context where there have been many studies on the medicinal properties of banyan leaves and their applications in biological products, is it easy to successfully register industrial ownership (intellectual property) for this product?

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