Biological plant protection product from five-leaf lucky tree leaves and pineapple leaves by hcmut students

💢 Plant protection products have always been a challenging issue in agriculture for health and the environment.

❎ Although there have been many studies and promotions of the use of biological products in plant protection instead of chemical pesticides, it seems that this issue has not shown promising signs in Vietnam.

🌟 A group of students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, including Quach Phong Dat, Le Thi Tuyet Nhi, and Phan Thi Tuong Vy, used five-leaf lucky tree leaves and pineapple leaves to create a liquid extract to combat the harmful cotton bollworm larvae on mustard greens. Their goal is to partially alleviate the environmental burden and protect human health from chemical pesticides.

🎯 This invention contributes to increasing the availability of biological plant protection products, environmental protection, and human health. However, this product still needs further investment and research expansion to test its practical application.

💕 Biological plant protection products need to be developed both in terms of quantity and quality to completely replace chemical pesticides and protect the environment and human health. Vietnam can use this approach to develop sustainable agriculture.

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