Do intellectual assets create tangibles???

Perhaps “copyright fees” is a term that is not unfamiliar to the majority of the public. However, what exactly is copyright fees and how are they received may not be well-known to everyone.

In particular, for the music industry, which is mentioned in the article, there are many issues related to copyright and copyright fees. Not only that, since this is also a type of property, future generations can completely inherit the work after the owner has passed away. Of course, users of the work still have to pay copyright fees as usual until the work’s protection period expires.

This also demonstrates that the value of intellectual property or intangible property is not insignificant; in fact, it can be a significant source of passive income for both the owners and their descendants.

However, not everyone understands and values this value. IP Group once again wants to address the widespread copyright infringement and the use of intellectual property without payment in Vietnam. Whether intentional or unintentional, this is a violation that needs to be dealt with decisively.

This applies not only to music but also to any type of intellectual property, which can provide material benefits to the owner if it is properly and effectively utilized.

Understanding the role of intellectual property and the ongoing challenges, IP Group has outlined its mission, which is to protect and develop Vietnamese intellectual property!

📚 We invite you to read the illustrative article on intellectual property in the music industry to learn more about the value of intellectual property!

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