Why is Patent Protection important?

❓❓❓Vietnam is gradually developing on the path of innovation, and intellectual property rights are increasingly valued. So, what benefits does patent protection bring to businesses?

1️⃣ Through exclusive rights to the invention, businesses can prevent competitors from using the invention for commercial purposes, creating a superior position in the market.

2️⃣ Commercializing the product in the market will generate higher profits than the initial investment.

3️⃣ If a business lacks the ability to commercialize the product, it can use the patent’s exclusive rights to sell it to another company, earning profits while saving investment costs.

4️⃣ Importantly, patent protection helps build a positive image of the business, enhancing trust with partners and investors in terms of expertise and technological capabilities.

❌❌❌ No business wants its inventions to be exploited or even “stolen” by competitors, causing economic losses. Therefore, registering patent protection is the most effective solution.

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