How do technology and patents hold “POWER”?

After several years of patent disputes over 4G technology with Nokia, two smartphone companies, Oppo and OnePlus, belonging to the BBK corporation, are facing a tough situation in the German market. In the future, if courts in other European countries continue to rule in favor of Nokia, these two smartphone brands and some others under BBK’s umbrella may disappear entirely from the markets in various European countries.

Winning advantages in patent lawsuits in different European countries seems to be a challenging task for BBK. In case of losing these lawsuits, BBK would have to withdraw from this significant market or agree to significant settlements to continue its business.

Interestingly, in the past, some Nokia phone models also disappeared from the German market due to patent disputes for similar reasons.

Clearly, the competitive power that patents bring is immensely significant. So, have Vietnamese businesses genuinely shown interest in developing this aspect?

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