Innovation or invention? Is the media choosing the right terminology?

⚠️ Nowadays, on various public information sources, it’s not hard to come across the term “invention.” Most news outlets use “invention” when reporting on a new product being created, and this is often taken for granted. However, are these products truly an “invention”?

❇️ In contrast, “invention” and “innovation” are defined as follows:

   💎 Invention is the discovery of an objective existence of a natural object, phenomenon, or law that humans did not previously know.

   💎 Innovation is a technical solution in the form of a product or process aimed at solving a specific problem through the application of natural laws (as defined in the Intellectual Property Law of 2005).

❓So, have these news outlets used the term “invention” correctly? Is the mainstream media becoming too careless with its choice of words?

💖 Faced with this situation, IP Group continually strives to fulfill its mission as a leading consultancy, training, and knowledge provider related to innovation, invention, and intellectual property in Vietnam.

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