IP GROUP will organize special talkshows featuring top experts in biotechnology, food technology, agriculture, and more, along with investors to share and explain advanced technical solutions and unique technical features of the latest patents compared to the closest prior arts worldwide. The program will also cover topics such as the scope of protection, commercial applications, and technology transfer for startups, students, and businesses. Specifically:

1. Unique Ideas and Innovations:

        o Experts will present unique ideas and technical solutions of enterprises or inventors, highlighting their novelty compared to the closest similar patents worldwide.

2. Handling Overlaps and Encompassing Scope:

        o If there are similarities or accidental overlaps in the creative scope with prior patents, experts will share methods to overcome these known technical signs (prior arts).

3. ‘Invent Around’ and ‘Design Around’ Thinking:

        o The program will introduce how to apply ‘Invent around’ and ‘Design around’ thinking to create differences or superiority over competitors.

4. Triz Method in Solving Invention Problems:

        o Experts will explain how to apply Triz thinking and methodology to solve complex invention problems.

5. Negotiation Skills and Contract Signing:

        o Detailed negotiation skills and strategies for commercializing exclusive products from patents will be shared, helping businesses seize technology transfer opportunities effectively.

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