Consultation on successful patent registration: customer Chim Van Cang

In the busy atmosphere of the late days of 2022, IP GROUP once again received the joy of a successful patent registration for “Metal Mesh Weaving System with Pre-Stressed Hexagonal Eyes and a Method for Weaving Metal Mesh with these Eyes” by the applicant Chim Van Cang. The patent was granted the exclusive patent number 1-0334417 by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam.

This patent involves a metal mesh weaving system that produces metal meshes with hexagonal eyes (also known as foxhole meshes) that have high mechanical strength and better load-bearing capabilities compared to other types of metal mesh weaves. These woven mesh products are widely used in various fields such as aquaculture, livestock farming, agriculture, basic construction, mining, and the aerospace industry.

Currently, both domestic and international markets offer various types of hexagonal mesh weaving machines. However, these machines still have some drawbacks, including:

1. The need for multiple metal wire inputs, resulting in sharp wire ends in the woven hexagonal mesh, leading to safety concerns during use.

2. The production of only one type of hexagonal mesh structure, with fixed mesh sizes and widths, limiting the versatility of mesh applications.

3. The hexagonal mesh edges tend to bend and do not lie straight on the mesh surface, resulting in uneven tension and limited load-bearing capacity and elasticity.

4. The use of crescent-shaped twist heads, suitable only for weaving hexagonal mesh structures with small wire diameters.

5. Lack of full automation in operation due to the absence of a programmable control system.

The patent “Metal Mesh Weaving System with Pre-Stressed Hexagonal Eyes and a Method for Weaving Metal Mesh with these Eyes” by inventor Chim Van Cang was developed to comprehensively address these limitations and has successfully achieved:

1. A pre-stressed hexagonal mesh weaving system in which the hexagonal mesh weaving machine has components that create pre-stress for the woven mesh, resulting in high durability and load-bearing capacity, as well as excellent mesh elasticity.

2. A pre-stressed hexagonal mesh weaving system in which the weaving machine’s structure is adaptable to various wire diameters and can weave hexagonal meshes of different sizes. Each mesh width can be adjusted along the vertical direction, allowing for convenient assembly and versatile usage.

3. A pre-stressed hexagonal mesh weaving system that requires only a single, small-diameter metal wire as input but produces mesh components that are convenient for installation, shaping, and customization for various purposes.

4. A pre-stressed hexagonal mesh weaving system with a control unit that enables fully automatic machine operation.

IP GROUP congratulates inventor Chim Van Cang on receiving a well-deserved outcome for the valuable research they have conducted!

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