SUCCESSFUL CONSULTATION WITH USEFUL SOLUTIONS – Method of producing fermented dragon fruit juice

A Utility Solution patent with the title “Dragon Fruit Enzyme Production Method” has been granted to the customer of IP GROUP, Phuc Ha Juice Company Limited, by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam, with patent number 2-0003197, on June 5, 2023.

In the field of food technology, the invention of a method for producing dragon fruit enzymes has yielded remarkable results. This method encompasses a series of steps, from harvesting and processing raw materials to the fermentation process and final processing, aimed at creating a fresh and nutritious dragon fruit enzyme product.

This product not only delivers an exquisite taste but also preserves the nutritional components of the dragon fruit. This is a significant invention in harnessing and increasing the value of dragon fruit in the food industry. Through the invention of the dragon fruit enzyme production method, we can savor the natural aroma and sweetness of dragon fruit in a diverse and appealing food product.

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