Us Patent: Machine Learning Systems For Auto-Splitting And Classifying Documents

📅 The US Patent US11830270B1 was granted on November 28, 2023, to FPT USA Corp – one of the clients of IP GROUP, for their latest patent.

📑 In today’s digital age, a plethora of documents is generated and managed daily by organizations and individuals. These include contracts, invoices, legal documents, financial papers, and other crucial documents that play a significant role in organizational activities. Managing and processing these documents can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, manual processes can pose risks of errors and inconsistency, impacting the accuracy and reliability of stored information.

🔬 In addressing this issue, a new solution has been developed in the document processing field, specifically, an automated machine learning system for splitting and classifying documents. The patent describes a method implemented on computers to split and classify input documents into one or more sub-documents using a machine learning system.

🔍 This machine learning system comprises an image-separating neural network, an optical character recognition subsystem, a header classifier, a document classifier, and a grouping subsystem.

💡 By applying machine learning and optical character recognition methods, this system automates the process of splitting and classifying documents quickly and accurately. This brings significant benefits to document management and processing in organizations, saving time and enhancing the accuracy of stored information.

🔬🔗 To learn more about this patent and details of the automated machine learning method for splitting and classifying documents, you can visit the link


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