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Did you know that “tooth decay is the third disaster of humanity after heart disease and cancer”?! And there are many girls and boys who still have tooth decay even though they brush their teeth every day?!

♥️♥️ Out of love for young patients suffering from tooth decay, there is a dentist who has spent a quarter of a century finding solutions to the problems of thousands of patients, and at the same time. time to realize the ambition he had cherished since he was a third-year student, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 1978-1984. The path to patenting a smart toothbrush that has just been granted protection by the US is not an easy one, however, overcoming all the difficulties of life and the limitation of research funds – Doctor Specialist Nguyen Ba Hien Department of Dentistry – Maxillofacial – Facial has conquered the first stage on the thousand-mile journey of “for a generation without tooth decay”.

🎵️🎵Coming to the 5th topic of YOREHUB Young Innovation Community on a special and meaningful day like November 20, we will surely witness a touching story of life. of a person who is dedicated to science and passion, and will also listen to touching stories of teacher-student love.

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