Vietnam Utility Solution Patent: Method And Device For Water Treatment, Scale Prevention In Electromagnetic Boilers

The customer, Ewater Engineering Company, a client of IP GROUP, has recently been granted an exclusive patent, Utility Solution No. 2-0003377, by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam on October 25, 2023.

The method and device for water treatment, preventing scale in electromagnetic boilers, are a practical solution proposed to address the issue of scale buildup during the operation of boilers. The method brings several benefits, including:

• Minimizing scale accumulation in the boiler, thereby improving efficiency and saving energy.

• Reducing the formation of scale and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae in the water system.

• Enhancing the performance and durability of the boiler.

• Saving energy and minimizing maintenance costs.

By applying this technology, the industry can maximize the potential of boilers and minimize the negative effects of scale during operation. This is a noteworthy solution for businesses and organizations using boilers to enhance efficiency and sustainability in energy production and supply.

Patent information: [Link to the patent information]


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