Vietnamese Patent: Soap Production Process with Core and Products Derived from This Process

Recently, IP Group received good news as the patent “Soap Production Process with Core and Products Derived from This Process” from IP GROUP Company has been granted an exclusive patent by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam, with patent number 1-0037150 issued on September 5, 2023.

The product derived from this method is soap with a core, consisting of two main parts. The core of the soap is formed from a polysaccharide chain extracted from tubers or from various types of cultivated plants with tubers, fruits, seeds, or berries that have been processed to create polygonal, circular, oval, elliptical structures, or various shapes such as animals, fruits, etc. This core can be modified to have a diverse structure.

The second part of the soap is the shell, which is the solid-state soap layer covering the entire surface or the upper and lower surfaces of the core. This shell is created by forming bonds on the core’s surface, ensuring that the core is entirely enclosed inside.

The unique feature of this soap with a core is its reusable nature, depending on the thickness of the soap shell surrounding the core. This brings convenience to users, as the soap can be easily held and saves materials.

With the patent granted for the “Soap Production Process with Core and Products Derived from This Process,” Vietnam has contributed to promoting development and innovation in soap manufacturing technology, laying the foundation for the application and development of more innovative products in the future.

Patent information: [link to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam website]


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