[Successful Consultation] Fpt Software receives Uspto Patent Certificate!!!

💎 FPT Software, a client that IP Group has successfully advised, has just received a patent certificate for its deep learning technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

🌟 Recently, IP Group provided consulting services and successfully registered an exclusive patent for their technological solution, “Group-equivariant convolutional neural network for 3D point clouds,” a convolutional neural network with group-equivariant transformations for processing 3D point clouds.

“FPT Software’s invention helps improve accuracy in training AI to recognize objects from various angles by enhancing computational performance for feature separation in object recognition. This neural network can be easily configured and deployed across multiple applications, making it a highly applicable technological solution. Additionally, with this AI training approach, less input data is required, resulting in significant resource savings.”

📌 This patent is considered a significant step in FPT Software’s development strategy as it provides the foundation for the company to continue developing intelligent solutions in the future.

💖 IP Group will continue to collaborate with FPT Software on their journey of innovation and intellectual property to create valuable intellectual achievements.

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