What has enabled Samsung to lead in the Android smartphone market?

📌 Initially gaining a foothold in the U.S. semiconductor market by supplying exclusive NAND flash memory for iPods, Samsung gradually evolved into a top brand in the Android smartphone operating system and became the direct rival of the iPhone in the smartphone market.

❓What does Samsung have to outperform long-established competitors in the market?

☑ With the advantage of a portfolio of patents, after being accused by Apple of copyright infringement, Samsung quickly counter-sued, alleging the infringement of their 5 patents, and regained the upper hand.

☑ Additionally, with superior hardware manufacturing capabilities and innovation in advertising and marketing, Samsung managed to surpass other competitors and directly compete with Apple in just 18 months.

🔆 The competitor that Samsung has not yet surpassed – Apple, is the “patent king,” and it is precisely the exclusive patents that have propelled Samsung to its current position. This rivalry is even implicitly acknowledged in Samsung’s corporate culture. Samsung employees are reminded of their mission at all times: Take a bite of the apple (Defeat Apple).

💖 Samsung’s success story demonstrates the immense power of exclusive patents in manufacturing and business. It also shows that the fastest way to develop is to aim for the strongest competitor.

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