“Breakthrough Conference” Summary

[Hoa Binh Construction Group]

📌 On April 21, 2022, Mr. Ngo Dac Thuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IP Group, attended the “Breakthrough Conference” of Hoa Binh Construction Group as an honorary guest.

⚜ This event is a strategic development milestone for Hoa Binh Construction Group. Therefore, IP Group participated with the aim of offering expertise and contributing its knowledge and experience to Hoa Binh Group.

🌟 The conference highlighted three strategic competitive advantages of Hoa Binh:

   ☑ Young labor force

   ☑ Leading construction experience and technology

   ☑ High-impact corporate culture (spiritual strength, mental strength, physical strength)

🔆 These competitive advantages, along with core capabilities, have guided Hoa Binh in shaping its 10-year development strategy with the primary goal of “Reaching the international stage.”

❇ The two missions for the decade: “ECONOMIC GROWTH IN CONSTRUCTION” and “SPREADING CULTURE FOR GLOBAL PEACE” will undoubtedly help Hoa Binh achieve its set goals.

💖 On the strategic development journey of Hoa Binh, IP Group remains a dedicated partner, contributing intellectual resources and working hand in hand with Hoa Binh in its pursuit of “Reaching the international stage.”


Salty without salt?

🥗 Japan is renowned for its health-conscious culinary culture, where Japanese dishes often use very few spices and seasonings to ensure a high level of authenticity. Consequently, Japanese cuisine tends to be saltier than other flavors, and salt plays a crucial role.

🍲 In contrast, Vietnamese cuisine, known for its bold flavors, is in line with the hot and humid characteristics of Southeast Asia, the homeland of various spices. However, to achieve rich flavors, salt is also an indispensable ingredient.

🍽 While culinary traditions vary between nations and cultures, none deny the importance of salt. Nevertheless, eating too bland is unappetizing, and excessive salt consumption is harmful to health! What is the best solution for both?

🥢 Does the invention of the “electric salt-enhancing chopsticks” by Japanese researchers provide an optimal solution to the salt, flavor, and health dilemma?


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