IP GROUP is honored to participate as a judge for the “Creative Entrepreneurship Student Competition 2023

[IP GROUP is honored to participate as a judge for the “Creative Entrepreneurship Student Competition 2023” organized by Nguyen Tat Thanh University on August 29, 2023.

Nguyen Tat Thanh University held the competition with the theme “Promoting Open Innovation and Digital Transformation.” As part of this competition, IP GROUP, a company specializing in innovation consulting and intellectual property establishment, participated as a member of the judging panel.

Participating as judges for the “Creative Entrepreneurship Student Competition 2023” is an opportunity for IP GROUP to contribute to fostering creativity and innovation within the student community. With our experience in the field of consulting and intellectual property establishment, IP GROUP will evaluate and select innovative entrepreneurial ideas with high potential and applicability in the areas of open innovation and digital transformation.

The “Creative Entrepreneurship Student Competition 2023” not only provides an opportunity for students to present and share their creative ideas but also serves as a platform for them to learn and experience the entrepreneurial process. This is an occasion for students to interact with leading experts and build a network in the field of creativity and innovation.

In conclusion, we would like to congratulate all students participating in the “Creative Entrepreneurship Student Competition 2023.” We believe that you have the potential to become outstanding entrepreneurs in the future and contribute to the development of society and the country.


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Patent Search and Analysis Skills

From August 9th to August 11th, IP Group conducted a training program on “Patent Search and Analysis Skills” at the PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation, a joint-stock company (PVFCCo).

This training program focused on providing in-depth knowledge and the necessary skills to understand and effectively apply methods for patent searching. Participants were guided on how to search for information related to patents, copyrights, and relevant documents, from online data sources to specialized databases. Additionally, they were trained in the analysis and evaluation of existing patents to identify opportunities and innovative potential.

One of the significant benefits of this program is to help participants grasp the patent search and analysis process in detail. They learned about various tools and supportive software, including patent databases and patent analysis software, to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in the research and analysis process.

With the participation of PVFCCo staff, including executives, the training sessions were lively and filled with in-depth questions and constructive focal points for the lectures. IP Group hopes that over these three days of training, they have provided opportunities for exploration and innovation, thereby promoting progress and innovation in the various sectors of PVFCCo’s operations.


[US PATENT: System and method for producing hydrogen gas to supply internal combustion engines

A patent titled “System and Method for Producing Hydrogen Gas to Supply Internal Combustion Engines” has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to IP GROUP’s client, inventor Phan Ngọc Hải, and colleagues on July 25, 2023, with patent number US11708799B1.

In today’s world, air pollution is a significant issue that affects human life, with vehicle engine exhaust being a major source of air pollution. During operation, internal combustion engines of vehicles produce harmful gases such as NOx, CO, CO2, SO2, CmHn, and more. These pollutants contribute to environmental pollution and have adverse effects on human health.

With the increasing number of vehicles, the consumption of diesel and gasoline fuels for internal combustion engines has also risen rapidly. Many studies have been conducted to explore alternative fuels to replace or reduce the use of diesel and gasoline fuels in vehicle engines. Particularly, hydrogen gas is considered a safe and efficient solution for reducing emissions.

This invention brings several important benefits. Firstly, the use of hydrogen gas as fuel significantly reduces emissions that contribute to air pollution, as hydrogen gas does not produce pollutants like CO, CO2, NOx, and other harmful substances. Secondly, the system enhances fuel efficiency and reduces operational costs. Lastly, it also cools the engine and cleans internal residues, extending the engine’s lifespan and durability. This patent makes a substantial contribution to optimizing the operation of internal combustion engines and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The development and application of this technology will continue to bring significant benefits to users and the environment


SUCCESSFUL CONSULTING WITH PATENTS – Electronic door lock system

A patent titled “Electronic Door Lock System” has been granted by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam to IP GROUP’s client, Giao Thoa Technology Co., Ltd, with patent number 1-0036131, published on June 26, 2023.

This invention provides an electronic door lock system comprising electronic door lock devices, mobile end devices, and a management server. The mobile end device is used to control the electronic door lock device via an application software managed by the management server. The mobile end device communicates with the electronic door lock device through a Bluetooth channel, ensuring high security and performance.

The patent also reveals various smart door unlocking methods to enhance security for both the device owner and authorized users. This system can also be applied for short-term electronic door lock device rental applications, providing time-saving and convenience for users.

With its high information security and smart door unlocking capabilities, this new electronic door lock system has the potential to become an efficient access control solution in buildings and apartments.


Training program at petrovietnam Ca Mau fertilizer joint stock company (PVCFC)

Unique and distinctive products or services are always the competitive advantage of each business, especially in the context of increasing competition in the future.

How should businesses apply Creative Thinking & Innovation in the development of their products or services to create differentiation, uniqueness, with better quality and cost optimization?

At PVCFC, the training program took place over two days on June 19-20, 2023. With the participation of leaders and staff at PVCFC, these two days of learning were filled with lively discussions, in-depth content, and practical examples.

IP Group hopes that through this two-day training, PVCFC will gradually enhance its capabilities and continue to grow and develop even further.


U.S. PATENT: System and method for issuing and storing key/keycard

A patent titled “System And Method For Issuing And Storing Key/Keycard” has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to IP GROUP’s inventor, Le Mai Tung, and colleagues on April 4, 2023, with patent number US11620460B1.

This new invention provides a method and system to enhance security and convenience in key/card management. The new method allows users to easily manage their keys and key cards through a mobile app or tablet, providing detailed information about their keys and key cards, including usage history and current status.

This invention has the potential to improve security and convenience in key/card storage and distribution. If widely implemented, it could significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of life and safety for people in Vietnam and around the world.


Ceremony Of Response To World Innovation Day

On the morning of March 30, 2023, IP Group conducted the first session of the training program “Applying Design Thinking, Creativity, and Innovation in R&D Activities for Businesses” at HOYA Glass Disk Vietnam Limited Company.

With the participation of 50 personnel, including leadership at various levels, the first class was lively and filled with in-depth, constructive questions that contributed significantly to the lecture. Over the course of three days of training, IP Group hopes that HOYA will gradually strengthen its internal capabilities.


Launch of intellectual property training at BIENDONG POC

On the morning of February 14, 2023, IP Group initiated the first session of the training program “Recognizing, Building, and Exploiting Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets in Sustainable Business Development” at the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s branch – PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation in the East Sea.

With the participation of nearly 30 leaders and management-level staff, the first training session was highly successful and provided a comprehensive overview of knowledge that will guide the upcoming series of five in-depth training sessions.


US Patent: Innovative creation from Huynh Ky Tran with virus killer product

Recently, IP Group received great news when the patent for the invention “Oral product containing extract from lemongrass leaves and a method of preparing this product” by our client Huynh Ky Tran was granted an exclusive US patent, number US011564967B1, on January 31, 2023.

This invention was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which demanded the creation of a product to help prevent viruses and alleviate symptoms of the disease. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided, and its impact on the economy and society has lessened, the virus killer product invented by Huynh Ky Tran continues to offer significant value.

Specifically, the “Oral product containing extract from lemongrass leaves and a method of preparing this product” provides several benefits:

  • It offers an oral product containing extract from lemongrass leaves that is safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and enhances the immune system for the elderly and children.
  • It supplies an oral product with antibacterial and green disinfectant properties, ensuring safety and health during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, meeting the daily disinfection needs of the public.
  • It provides an oral product containing extract from lemongrass leaves produced using simple, cost-effective methods, utilizing readily available raw materials that are easy to collect and environmentally friendly. This product maintains high quality and efficiency in bacteria and virus prevention, particularly against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The lemongrass-based virus killer product is expected to enter the market soon, promising to become popular and bring health benefits to the community.


TRAINING PROGRAM: identifying, building, and exploiting intellectual assets and intangible assets in sustainable business development strategies

IP Group is pleased to introduce the training program “Identifying, Building, and Exploiting Intellectual Assets and Intangible Assets in Sustainable Business Development Strategies.”

Training Objectives:

  • Help participants understand the essence of creative activities, inventions, and the role and significance of creativity in building appropriate intellectual and intangible assets for the sustainable development of businesses.
  • Assist participants in learning how to exploit and commercialize inventions, intellectual assets, and intangible assets to increase the overall value of a business’s assets.
  • Teach participants how to package intangible assets and intellectual property into asset portfolios.

Training Content:

  • Definitions and differentiation of concepts related to creativity and inventions.
  • The role and significance of intangible assets, intellectual assets, and inventions in a business’s development strategy.
  • The role and significance of inventions in the development strategy of research, application, enhancing production, trade, capability profiles, bidding profiles, and increasing the value of intellectual assets for businesses.
  • Techniques for identifying and evaluating ideas, innovations, technical solutions, scientific papers, research topics through patent databases worldwide and in Vietnam.
  • Technical skills for filing patent applications domestically and internationally in alignment with a business’s business and marketing strategy.
  • Skills for reviewing, packaging, and compiling intangible assets and intellectual property into asset portfolios.

One of the two options:

  1. Option 1: Negotiation and Technology Transfer Contract Skills in the Technology Development Strategy for Businesses & Intellectual Property Valuation
  2. Option 2: Technical Skills for Developing a Technology Roadmap for Each Business in Specific Technology Development Fields

Duration: 3 days


  • Technical, creative, and invention departments.
  • Intellectual property management departments.
  • Management levels interested in creative and innovative activities.


  • Dr. Ngo Dac Thuan, Chairman of IP Group: An expert in intellectual property ownership and innovation.
  • MSc. Nguyen Thanh Minh: An expert in intellectual asset management.


  • Public Class: $200 per participant, applicable to a minimum of 30 participants.
  • In-house Class: $2,000 per day, applicable to a maximum of 35 participants.
  • In-house Class (registered for training before February 15, 2023): $1,730 per day, applicable to a maximum of 35 participants.


A patent for fertilizer with the title “Process for the production of synthetic organic-mineral fertilizers and products obtained from this process” was granted to IP GROUP’s customer, inventor Truong Te Hanh, by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam on November 25, 2022, and was officially announced on January 25, 2023, with the patent number 1-0034484.

In the trend of researching and producing next-generation fertilizers to increase efficiency, productivity in agriculture production, while conserving resources and the environment, inventor Truong Te Hanh has introduced the patent “Process for the production of synthetic organic-mineral fertilizers and products obtained from this process.” The purpose of this invention is to create a process for producing synthetic organic-mineral fertilizers that provide all the necessary nutrients from easily extractable and usable components. It adequately supplements mineral elements, contributes to reducing environmental pollution, balances the microorganism system, provides humus and minerals, limits runoff and soil erosion, and allows plants to grow while reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

At the same time, this invention also addresses the limitations and shortcomings of previous fertilizer production processes, which lacked essential mineral components for plants, especially for crops in specialized land, flood-prone, or arid regions.

Congratulations to inventor Truong Te Hanh for achieving well-deserved results for their research.



Returning to work on January 31, 2023, IP GROUP was greatly honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Vuong Thanh Son to join and share at the New Year gathering with all company employees.

The insights shared by Prof. Dr. Vuong Thanh Son will serve as motivation for the IP Group team to continuously grow and are promising to create breakthrough values in 2023!


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