SUCCESSFUL CONSULTING WITH PATENTS – Electronic door lock system

A patent titled “Electronic Door Lock System” has been granted by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam to IP GROUP’s client, Giao Thoa Technology Co., Ltd, with patent number 1-0036131, published on June 26, 2023.

This invention provides an electronic door lock system comprising electronic door lock devices, mobile end devices, and a management server. The mobile end device is used to control the electronic door lock device via an application software managed by the management server. The mobile end device communicates with the electronic door lock device through a Bluetooth channel, ensuring high security and performance.

The patent also reveals various smart door unlocking methods to enhance security for both the device owner and authorized users. This system can also be applied for short-term electronic door lock device rental applications, providing time-saving and convenience for users.

With its high information security and smart door unlocking capabilities, this new electronic door lock system has the potential to become an efficient access control solution in buildings and apartments.

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