Hearing aids for detecting epilepsy developed by Vietnamese engineer!!!

Hugo Dinh, a Vietnamese engineer, has successfully created hearing aids that can diagnose and remotely monitor epilepsy patients in collaboration with his team.

🔎 The invention may look like a regular set of headphones, but it actually incorporates electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors. In addition to the silicon earbud acting as a conductor, the device contains a very small “black box” that houses the EEG data collection system, signal processing software, and biometric recognition.

✨ Thanks to this technology, the device can detect signs of epilepsy, enabling remote diagnosis without the need for a hospital visit. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to analyze this data, helping doctors make accurate diagnoses and choose the most appropriate treatment methods. The breakthrough lies in the high-precision brain wave measurement, ensuring accurate epilepsy diagnosis.

🎯 AI technology has rapidly been applied in almost all fields worldwide. To keep pace with this development, Vietnam needs to further invest in research and innovation, especially in AI, to facilitate the application in solving technical issues more efficiently.

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