IP GROUP – Training at the workshop “The Architecture of Innovation: Design Thinking in corporation innovation”

👉 On December 8, 2022, Mr. Ngo Dac Thuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IP Group Joint Stock Company, participated in training at the “The Architecture Of Innovation: Design Thinking In Corporation Innovation” workshop, organized in collaboration with USAID, NIC, and BambuUp.

👉 Responsible for the section on Disruptive Innovation at this workshop, Mr. Ngo Dac Thuan shared insights with the participants on how to transform ideas and innovations into a chain of inventions and products/services with high value and competitive advantage, as well as the principles of technology mapping and intellectual property asset packaging.

👉 The training session was structured with a focus on analyzing real-life case studies and integrating interactive activities to make it easier for participants to grasp fundamental concepts and understand the direction of implementing disruptive innovation. It also encouraged business leaders to aim for open innovation when implementing these strategies.

💎 IP Group is always delighted and proud to spread information and knowledge about innovation, science and technology, and intellectual property to everyone!

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