Lotus lipstick: high feasibility, but is it truly “new”?

Nguyen Thi Dieu Hien, a female student from Dong Thap province in Vietnam, who is currently a 12th-grade student at Phu Thanh A High School, has successfully researched and produced lipstick made from lotus flowers. Prior to this, in 2021, Hien’s project won second prize in a startup competition organized by the Department of Education and Training and also a second prize in an innovation and creativity startup competition organized by the Dong Thap Youth Union.

🌸 Hien’s idea originated from her love and passion for the lotus flower, which is not only Vietnam’s national flower but also a symbol of her hometown, Dong Thap. Therefore, her lotus lipstick product has both practical value, appealing to consumers who love natural products, and symbolic value representing her hometown.

⁉ Despite having many values and development potential, does Hien’s product meet the criteria for patentability as an invention?

   💎 Hien’s lotus lipstick product shares similarities with Chinese patent CN108113905 by Zhang Xiong. The key difference is that Zhang Xiong’s patent uses lotus flower essential oil, whereas Hien grinds lotus flowers into powder and combines them with olive oil, jojoba oil, and others.

   💎 However, there are still many inventions related to cosmetics and lotus-based lipsticks worldwide. Therefore, to develop her lotus lipstick product into a patentable invention, Hien may need professional research and consultation to ensure that her invention is novel and does not overlap with existing global databases.

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