Recruiting During COVID – Old Topic, New Story ‼

✅ Talkshow 6 “Recruiting During Covid – What Do Students Need to Prepare?” not only provides knowledge but also serves as a direct bridge for recruitment between businesses such as PVCFC, TMA Solutions, Vinamit, Ewater Engineering, and students.

✅ In addition, the stories shared by the speakers promise to bring entirely new perspectives to the perennial topic of “recruitment.”

1. Mr. Ngô Đắc Thuần – Chairman of the Board of Directors of IP Group: The research methodology of the thesis to internships and solving real-world problems for businesses.

2. Mr. Văn Tiến Thanh – CEO of PVCFC: Human resources development strategy and recruitment requirements of PVCFC.

3. Mr. Huỳnh Hạnh Phúc – Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Green Connect: “The journey of youth, be ambitious, be naive” with the content being his real-life experiences in years of exploration and innovation.

✅ Especially, Mr. Lê Trung Hiếu – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ewater Engineering, will present two real-world problems from his company for students to think about and try to find solutions. Representatives from TMA Solutions and Vinamit will also share their recruitment needs.

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