Successful Consultation: Exclusive patent for multi-purpose fertilizer in the USA

IP GROUP has successfully registered a patent in the USA for a fertilizer invention titled “Multipurpose fertilizer composition and method of manufacturing the same,” authored by Le Chi Thanh and owned by Vietnam High-Tech Technology Corporation. The patent was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under patent number US 11,512,029 on November 29, 2022.

Against the backdrop of Vietnam using approximately 10 million tons of various fertilizers and tens of thousands of tons of plant protection products in agricultural production each year, coupled with fluctuations in climate patterns due to indiscriminate water use resulting in localized droughts that cause significant crop damage, the “Multipurpose fertilizer composition and method of manufacturing the same” patent was developed with the aim of creating a versatile fertilizer production process to address these challenges. This fertilizer meets various requirements such as:

✔️ Providing all necessary nutrients to crops, enhancing mineral absorption, while preventing mineral leaching during flooding or vaporization during drought, balancing pH, and retaining soil moisture. 

✔️ Producing high-nutrient value fertilizer with the potential to reduce environmental pollution, balance microorganisms, supply organic matter, and prevent soil erosion and degradation. 

✔️ Utilizing readily available waste materials with low cost but high nutrient content.

✔️ Creating multi-purpose fertilizers with useful features and effectiveness, contributing to reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, improving crop quality, preserving soil fertility, and limiting pollution of agricultural land, groundwater, and river systems.

✔️ Saving production costs and time.

In general, current research and production trends have focused on organic fertilizers from biochar, specialized fertilizers, functional fertilizers, and nano-technology fertilizers. However, most technical solutions only address moisture-retaining fertilizers and the raw materials for fertilizer components, without detailing the ingredient preparation processes and standard mixing steps for creating multi-purpose fertilizers.

The “Multipurpose fertilizer composition and method of manufacturing the same” patent promises to bring new, positive, and sustainable signs for the agricultural industry in the future.

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