USEFUL SOLUTION PATENT: Water environment measurement system and method implemented by this system

A patent for a useful solution involving equipment titled “Water Environment Measurement System and Method Implemented by This System” has been granted by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam to IP GROUP’s customer, Tép Bạc Co., Ltd, with patent number 2-0003109, and was published on March 27, 2023.

This system is designed to measure critical parameters of water such as pH, alkalinity, salinity, dissolved oxygen concentration, and the levels of harmful substances and disease-causing microorganisms. These data provide accurate information about the water environment’s condition, helping environmental managers make informed decisions to protect water resources.

Furthermore, the system has the capability to provide early warnings to environmental managers when there are signs of irregularities in the water environment. This allows them to take timely measures to prevent issues from occurring. The system represents a useful solution for safeguarding water resources and supporting the sustainable development of the country.

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