Vietnam Patent: White leg shrimp circulation system

Recently, IP Group received good news when the patent “White Leg Shrimp Circulation System” from CENINTEC Science and Technology Joint Stock Company was granted an exclusive patent numbered 1-0036794 by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam on July 27, 2023.

White-leg shrimp farming is an important sector of Vietnam’s aquaculture industry, and this new circulation system brings significant benefits to shrimp farming in Vietnam. Firstly, it enhances the efficiency of the shrimp farming process by providing a better living environment for the shrimp. This can lead to faster growth, reduced mortality rates, and improved shrimp quality.

Secondly, this circulation system helps reduce negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Efficient solid waste filtration and treatment prevent water pollution and protect the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, the use of UV lights to kill bacteria reduces the need for antibiotics in shrimp farming, contributing to antibiotic reduction in the aquaculture industry.

Lastly, the white leg shrimp circulation system can improve productivity and economic profitability for shrimp farmers. More efficient shrimp farming and improved shrimp quality will increase product value and income for shrimp farmers.

The “White Leg Shrimp Circulation System” patent offers an innovative solution to enhance shrimp farming efficiency and protect the environment. It represents a significant advancement in the shrimp farming industry in Vietnam and can contribute to the sustainable development of the fisheries sector in the future.

Patent information:…/b6c4257b-42ed-4f6e-bfb3…

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