4 Low-cost, ready-to-adopt processing technologies for pomelo

⚜️ Agriculture in Vietnam has traditionally relied on raw agricultural exports with low added value, making it susceptible to spoilage when stored at border checkpoints. Therefore, investing in processing technology is the most effective way to develop agriculture and increase the value of agricultural products.

❌ However, cost remains the biggest challenge for technology investment in agricultural processing. High costs lead to higher prices, significantly reducing competitiveness in the market.

💡 Faced with this issue, a group of scientists from Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry has researched a technology process for producing pomelo candy, jam, juice, and crystalline Naringin with a cost of only a few hundred million VND.

⭐ The project not only solves the cost investment problem but is also considered practical and suitable for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, with the potential for technology transfer to serve production.

📌 Vietnam needs to continue investing in cost-effective processing technologies to leverage its existing agricultural advantages.

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