PROTECTION CLAIM in patent application

👉 Protection claims are part of the main contents of the patent application.

💡And this is one of the first things that needs to be done, which is to create a protection claim for the invention. In fact, the patent agent may outline some of the claims during a discussion with the inventor. This confirms that the patent agent clearly understands the invention.

⛔ The patent agent may use some type of “detailed claims” in the initial discussion with the inventor, because the inventor is often unfamiliar with the language of the claims. mechanism.

📋 Therefore, the patent representative should avoid using highly abstract language to describe the invention at that discussion.

🔒 Most patent agents draft a number of claims as the first step in drafting the application. Protection claims are the legal content of a patent application; Everything happens around the claim.

🔰 What needs to be protected?

✔️ Usually there are three main factors:

①. Protected as Trade Secrets

②. Protection in the form of Technological Know-how

③. Protected as Copyright

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